The Emancipated Krooner Songbook

Welcome to GLTI.CH Karaoke’s songbook reboot.

Here you can find hyperlinked karaoke songs (dis)organized by the names and descriptions of those who kroon them. If you want to add to the roll, please email us at!


JOE MILAZZOs song for a warm-up.

SILVIO PORRETTA‘s song for what? why? To scream my heart out. And because Sid is a cool mozerfucker.

When? Where? Whenever there’s a mic and a good crowd. I sang it for the first time 11 years ago in my first karaoke bar experience in Chinatown, NYC. Since that day it became my signature song. I just sang it this past weekend at a friend’s bday party. It always put a smile on people’s face, while I get to burn some energy.

I read a story a few years ago that in the Philippines people would get shot for singing my way off key. So note to myself, never mess around with My Way when there are Filipino’s in the room.*

*it seems this is the case if you only sing Sinatra!

THE GOMOS‘ song for singing and DANCING with (y)our two year old niece.

SUNNY KIM‘s song for a (g)rainy day and one for singing to your Moody dog.

SOURIS HONG PORRETTA‘s song because duets are more fun. Every time I’m in a karaoke hall, I sing this song to let people know that if I can sing a song, they can too. Duets are more fun. Usually sung by TEAM HP for EVERY TIME. I believe this is a favourite song choice of Neb’s and also this song.

JEANETTE HARSHBERGER‘s all-time fave song to sing and

#2 most favourite karaoke song ever and

for singing with Jane and

for singing with a dude singing the Babs part while I do Barry and

for singing in a bad fake Irish accent and

for singing a song I like to sing and

for another song I like to sing!

ANYA ECKBO‘s song for feeling sexy.

KYUHEE BAIK‘s song for broken hearts.

NUNO RAMLHO‘s song for when I’m drunk DJing and thinking about London friends.


LINDA STUPART‘s song for rocking out from Broccoli.

DAVID JACOBS‘ song for singing what I like, even though I’m horrible at it! and also I like to sing this.

JANE PINCKARD‘s song for when I’m drunk because i don’t need to read the words! Also it’s great to sing while jumping on the couch, and everyone sings along and for replicating a duet and

for times when you need to get really epic.

BETTY NGUYEN‘s song for my beau on our date, at a quiet but open karaoke bar for die hards who sing in Hawaiian and Japanese because it’s silly and romantic to put on a private concert for your sweetheart and be out of your comfort zone and

for liberation! And Van Gogh heels are always a plus!

ANONYMOUS‘s song that I secretly want to sing. I just have to practice in my den alone for hours before I can even dare say, “Hey, this is the song I do…” and I’ll feel terrified and alive when i do it, after a few lychee martinis!

HOLLY PESTER‘s song for singing when I’m doing karaoke. I like to sing it when I’m doing karaoke. But I only really sing karaoke songs when I’m doing karaoke… do I win?

CAROLINE CHANG‘s song because what else pumps you up this much? And it’s not actually singing, so everyone can join in and sound decent and show off their best racing dude swagger.

MICHELLE BOROK‘s song for singing in 4 countries, by special request, for Takashi Murakami, and documented countless times. I wanted to go on UBS (Mongolia’s version of American Idol) with it, but since I’m a foreigner, I’d have to compete singing a Mongolian song and

for singing a standard and

for rolling with the standards and

for dueting with John Pham and

for singing one more standard!

DANIEL ROURKE‘s song for crooning.

HARRY THE SEAL‘s song for singing with a sister–ideally with some homemade makguhlee and fried chicken from across the street and

for another yodel with a sister–ideally with some homemade makguhlee and fried chicken from across the street and

for torturing Daniel Rourke.

EDDIE MORENO‘s song for the rare times I do Karaoke, and to make it simple, this is the song I like to do because I know the tones and words by heart so I can put my all into it. One time I was at docks. I was about 23 at the time. It was a bunch of grimy people in there. Tough people they were but I chose that song and got the Led out. People were taking pictures of my success. One older woman said ” I got that song on my cell phone” (pre iPhone days) One dude with a large mustache gave me a high five.

Once completing the song I walked over to play some Arcade golf and scored an Eagle. 2 shots on a par four. I was on fire and people were happy as all hell to witness two moments that one would describe as excellent.

DARRELL T. WATSON‘s selection for a universal song everyone knows… and one I can seriously rock the house with!

KATHRYN HEIM‘s first song and second song for imitating the singers because I can’t sing. I know this about myself. And these two ladies are such icons that no matter who you are, you gotta kind of love hearing someone belt their songs out — especially as an imitation. And I am a huge fan of the messages in both of these songs.

JOE MILAZZO‘s songs (after the warm-up!) for remembering why I didn’t really like the ‘80s all that much and for remembering why, in retrospect, I have some affection for the ‘80s.

CHRISTINA MILLARE‘s song for dueting with someone who wants to be Cher and

anything by this artist for a vocal workout that’s guaranteed to get the crowd dancing…even if the vocals aren’t up to par!! and

anything by this artist for the same reason!

MRIA ANDELCA MADERO‘s song for singing my favourite karaoke song.

RACHEL SALT‘s song for singing my favourite karaoke song.

JO LEDWIDGE‘s song for singing my favourite karaoke song and this one too.

ANDY WEIR‘s song for singing my favourite karaoke song and this one too.

COMPANY FUCK‘s song for revealing absurd lyrics in a pop song and

for stupidly epic moments and

for trying to bed girls and

for expressing my hate towards a karaoke audience and

for finishing a KJ shift.

AND FESTIVAL 2012 TEAM‘s song for rocking out with the AND Festival 2012 Team!

for rocking out more with the AND Festival 2012 Team!

for rocking out harder with the AND Festival 2012 Team!

for rocking out like crazy with the AND Festival 2012 Team!

for continual rocking out with the AND Festival 2012 Team!

for marathon rocking out with the AND Festival 2012 Team!

anything by this artist with the formerly named as!

SHEELA CHONG‘s song, of course!