Machines by Other Means, Manchester

Through mistranslation, malfunction or a signal of the wrong duration, this night is not just a celebration of the error itself but a visual and sonic manifestation of improvised mayhem. What if machines were reconfigured to corrupt? Expect overheated batteries, projectors chewing images and sonic assaults like the sound of furniture exploding – all from the comfort of The Salutation Hotel.

Machines By Other Means is a house party gone wrong, featuring MOGA mastermind Mark Amerika’s live manifesto on glitch in collaboration with sound artist, Twine (Ghostly Records), Lydia Lunch’s provocative musings on contemporary society, squalling and spacey sonicism by noise merchants Bo Ningen, ‘Holy Artist’ Bjorn Veno’s spontaneous exploration of technological spirituality, Oscar Lhermitte’s drill machine cameras and collaborative karaoke devised by GLTI.CH.

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On 30th of August we hit AND Festival, singing our hearts out from a bedroom at the Salutation Hotel in Manchester.

In the build-up to our transglobal sing off, we’d love to hear what your favourite Karaoke songs are and why. Do you sing Prince’s “Kiss” to woo? U2’s “With or Without You?” when you want to sway in the booth holding your lighter aloft? Johnny Cash’s “Walk the Line” to start the night off with a bang? Bon Jovi’s “Livin on a Prayer” to finish at a climax? Rihanna’s “Umbrella” when it’s raining outside?

We invite your responses as we rethink the karaoke songbook. One for lovers of song and story. That celebrates the emancipated crooner and highlights our unique experiential associations and stories with the music we love. It’ll be online and indexed by the names (or alias if you’d like) and descriptions/stories of those who sing them and then hyperlinked to the respective song on YouTube so that others may feel what you feel when you sing what you sing.

Any/all responses very welcome here, at our Facebook Event page or via email at (ideally between now and August 20th).

Let the GLTI.CH Karaoke Songbook Revolution begin!