GLTI.CH Breaks, 24th May

On Friday May 24th we will be turning our back on Karaoke for a special, probably-not-one-off, event:


Join us for unexpected beats and breaks in the first ever transglobal experiment to fuse vinyl scratches, Ethernet delays and Dalston skinny jeans!

As you can see from our delicious diagram, GLTI.CH Breaks is a collaboration with several adventurous DJs who will mix vinyl LIVE between various cities around the world. Watch and gawp in awe as TramShed, DJing from London, mixes DJ Wax On, in Derby, straight into Sahn, live in San Francisco…

GLTI.CH Breaks is gonna be delicious!

(on saturday we tested some of these ideas out… a bonus very-shakey-video can be found above)

In the spirit of time delays, infinite grooves and Skype decay, we will kludge together an energy-fuelled two-hour live DJ set, turning technical breakdowns into reasons to breakdown! We are really excited to be teaming up with curatorial wizards Christina Millare and Dee Sada, as well as a host of other technically minded creative megalomaniacal superstars.

Featuring GLTI.CH BREAKS from:

TramShedDJ Wax OnSahn, and OTHER DJs Yet TBC!!

with live performances, exhibitions and HAPPENINGS from:

The Bohman Brothers, Dog Chocolate, Ewa Justka, New Noveta, Lorah Pierre, Tom White

Enjoy the Breaks LIVE, 8pm – 2am, at Power Lunches (Kingsland Road, Dalston)
or join us online on the night at:

Tickets: £5 adv / £6 on the door

Advance tickets available here:

Facebook event invite thingy here: HAPPENING!