glti.chy insomnia

When all else fails, think

This was the lesson of last night’s insomnia, which led to thoughts about setting up a GLTI.CH Karaoke for this Thursday’s rather impromptu Goldsmiths Art Postgraduate Research Open Studios.

So far, we’ve hooked up spaces thousands of miles and many timezones apart. But on such short notice, with a desire to muck around some more, an internet connection and bandwidth that’re as reliable as one can ask for, and general February winter lazy/hibernation mode set to full blast, wondering what if we take GLTI.CH Karaoke in the opposite direction. In other words, GLTI.CH Karaoke on as many devices as can be gathered/brought in one place, aka my studio, for the duration of the event and come what may to the tune of Pat Benatar‘s We Belong.

Using the GLTI.CH Tinychat room seems the most viable option for this experiment–given that it’s free, no sign-in required, and allows up to 12 per session. So up to 12 devices or as many as Daniel and I can gather up to 12 and ask others to bring theirs along too. Or, if one dares to dream, 2 Tinychat sessions on 24 devices, and so on and so forth. All in the same room. But also, if all’s a-go, then it goes without saying people should be able to log in from anywhere. If the number maxes out at 12, then we let others in through another door via another Tinychat room that feeds into the same session. In theory, no problem. Ah, theory. So funny in your naive perfection. Theory, apparently you have not read Steppenwolf.

12 and 24 are tame numbers that one hardly expects to overload a system. But it may very well overload the sound capacity of Studio A, what with the walls already cracked and the foundation shifting. Or at least give the dog with the synthetic-sounding bark (or is it the other way around?) that lives on the other side of the fence beyond my windows something worth barking about. If it’s not just me with five devices feedbacking my solitary voice and image and existential quanadries of whether or not such a scenario makes one less or more Alone, or others bring devices a la Stone Soup, Google Hangout can be set aside for the more ABC, 123 version of hitting the respective YouTube video play button on a collective count.

At any rate, with or without others, I imagine it’ll make for a neat rendition of Row Row Row Your Boatthe tune to which I fell asleep (no matter that it was in my head)… and woke up. Either my dream life is not so exciting or it’s a sign. Onwards!


An hour or so later or so of testing between a computer and an iPad using Google Hangouts plus 1 Youtube video (off of the computer). The resultant formula: Delays + 2 meters = A Round.