GLTI.CH goes Google+ (maybe)

This Saturday, we’ll be GLTI.CH Karaoking between BBQs in London and Seoul. And this time, we’re experimenting with Google+.

Up until now, we’ve rather convolutedly used Livestream to store YouTube videos that we manually loaded up prior to the event and then access through a coordinated queue between two cities via Skype that also involves Twitter and a dabble of GChat and an occasional phone call when the connection goes all wonked.

Enter Google+ Hangouts. Combining a livestreamed video interface with screensharing and its community-building circles, Google+’s Hangouts feature may just be the holy grail of internetaraoke.

Seems to keep the flow going, minimize karaoke vid lagtime, and allow for song requests from other netizens, we’ll still need some coordination on the side via a messaging system (Twitter/GChat/IM) and at least a “primer” list of songs to spark the energy of telepresent crooners and their respective YouTube vid URLs. We can record the Hanging and share later; but it seems to broadcast live, should we wish to, we’ll have to combine the + power with that of Livestream. We will test a bit prior to Saturday. And then, well, then there is Saturday.

So GLTI.CH meets technological upgrading, and oh the possibilities it opens up… It feels like GLTI.CH has just earned its silver boots after romping around battling 8-bit minions in leather thongs.

A shout-out to Safety for threading thoughts of Google+ with GLIT.CH via the NYT. Thus proving, once again, it is good to have friends who read.