Tactical Glitches: Doom WAN Party!

Doom WAN Party coming soon at Tactical Glitches, SUDLAB
In just 10 days time we will be taking part in Tactical Glitches, an exhibition curated by Nick Briz and Rosa Menkman at SUDLAB Gallery, Naples, with Domenico Dom Barra.

“Technologies come with expectations, but these expectations aren’t always met. An MP3 might skip and crackle. A computer monitor might—for a moment—show shards instead of windows. A website might hiccup on load and scramble its contents. When this happens, we call this unexpected occurrence a glitch. While these moments are rarely anticipated and usually unwelcome, they are at times intentionally provoked. The result of this intentional and creative instigation is what we often call GLITCH ART.” – Rosa Menkman, Nick Briz

Visit the gallery on opening night (January 24th) for a round of GLTI.CH Breaks, followed by a month-long Doom WAN Party in the gallery space!

What is a GLTI.CH WAN Party?

We’ve kludged together free software, dusty hardware, and technical loopholes to rock a global deathmatch Doom WAN party that celebrates, in GLTI.CH style, 20 years of Doom LAN parties. Computer stations installed at SUDLAB in Naples are connected to a remote laptop server in London and a turn-of-the-millenium PC in Seoul, inviting network errors through the front door and rendering gameplay inefficiently possible. Your keyboard movements and rocket launching in the SUDLAB gallery space may not just warm up, but explode computers and servers located across the world! Frienemies can also join in the rusty chainsaw action via the TACTICALGLITCH Doomseeker server.

See you at SUDLAB or ONLINE very soon.

Watch. This. Space!