Like Karaoke Machines in Manchester Meatspace

We awoke Bleary eyed today, memories buzzing in our noisy heads. Did last night really happen? Were you there? Can you prove it?

Machines by Other Means, an event curated by Christina Millare and Cornerhouse for Abandon Normal Devices Festival, was bound to be a winner. Five hotel rooms in The Salutation Hotel & Pub were to become the venue for a whole series of monstrously noisy events. Noisy sounds; noisy approaches; noisy intentions. A house party in a hotel is so right for GLTI.CH Karaoke it hurts.

And it did hurt, in a good way. Countless joyful krooners crammed into our meagre space, propping themselves up on springy hotel beds and tasty Northern fine ales. We were joined by a whole host of online head-swayers, who logged into our tinychat webspace from 9pm until 2am (Seoul/London/Berlin/?????). They sang, we sang louder; they laughed; we laughed with them; they requested songs, we gathered around the webcam and joined in singing with them.

It was a ball.

Below are some photos of the event (see them on Facebook too), with some snazzy official press photos to follow . Videos have been rumoured to exist

Lots of thanks to EVERYONE who attended, live in Manchester Meatspace, or virtually via the magical interwebs. Please leave a comment if you were there, or hit us up at our Facebook and Twitter pages. Special thanks to Jennifer Chan, Nathan Jones, Antonio Roberts, Rosa Menkman, Mark Amerika, Bo Ningen, Linda Stupart for trying to logon so hard, and especially Christina Millare and everyone at the Cornerhouse for putting up with us!

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