How to join the DOOM GLTI.CH WAN Party

GLTI.CH WAN PARTY at Tactical Glitches, SUDLAB, Naples

From Friday 24th January we will be running a GLTI.CH Doom WAN Party as part of the Tactical Glitches exhibition. You can join in, play, explode and explore from wherever you are in the world! It’s 20 years since the original DOOM was released. Let’s remember in glti.chy style.

We are running the game through a chain of servers and remote software to create a glti.chy soup for viewers playing at Tactical Glitches. Your involvement will help make that soup even glti.chier – how will the players evolve their Tactics to cope with your onslaught?

Play Instructions

It is SUPER easy to join, but you will need a few bits and pieces. Here is everything you need to get started. Don’t give up:

  1. Download the PC or MAC version of Zandronum (a freeware program for playing Doom).
  2. Install Zandronum on your system (make a note of exactly where it installs on your computer e.g. C:\Program Files\Zandronum).
  3. Download our GLTICH WAN PARTY MAP pack.
  4. Copy/move/save the map into the Zandronum directory (e.g. C:\Program Files\Zandronum).
  5. You will also need to have the Doom2.wad, or Freedoom equivalent. Unzip this into the same directory at Zandronum.
  6. Now, if you open up the Zandronum directory you will see another directory called ‘Doom Seeker’. Go into there and load the Doom Seeker application.
  7. First up, it is worth checking your settings are correct. Go into the ‘options’ menu then click ‘configure’.
  8. Go to ‘Engines’, make sure the ‘executable’ points to Zandronum (e.g. C:\Program Files\Zandronum\zandronum.exe).
  9. Go to the ‘File Paths’ setting. Make sure your Zandronum directory is listed here (e.g. C:\Program Files\Zandronum) – add it if it isn’t.
  10. Save and go back to the main Doom Seeker screen.
  11. You will now see a long list of servers. Our server is called TACTICALGLITCH, it has a British flag. Scroll down until you find it, or alternatively click the ‘Servers’ column header to arrange the list anti-alphabetically. It should be near the top.
  12. Double click the server to join!
  13. Press SPACEBAR to jump into action!

At this point Doom will load. You may need to press the ‘ESCAPE’ key, go to the game ‘Options’, ‘Set Video Mode’ and fiddle around with how the game looks until you are happy. Fullscreen at high resolution is obviously the best way to experience a 20 year old gaming legend 😉

Troubleshooting: If you have any problems setting up or connecting let us know in the comments section below.


(you can change these too in the Options menu)

Mouse = move your head around,
(or you can use the <-left and right-> arrow keys to look around)

W = forward
A = strafe left
S = backward
D = strafe right

CTRL = fire
SPACE BAR = Open doors

T = Type a message and press ENTER to broadcast it!

BONUS: Press the ¬ key on your keyboard (usually under the escape key) and type “name CHOOSEAFUNNAME” to change your player name!

As well as killing innocent players in SUDLAB Gallery, Naples, there are lots of secrets to discover on the map. The monsters WILL KEEP ON COMING! The body count WILL KEEP ON RISING!

Have fun! Invite your friends, and get Tactical.

Massive thanks to curators and collaborators Nick Briz and Rosa Menkman, as well as SUDLAB Gallery, Naples, and Domenico Dom Barra!