GLTI.CH at Syntax

In-person and via Skype–appropriately so–we’ll be talking all things GLTI.CH at Syntax, a “speculative 1-day workshop, looking to explore how poet/writers and coder/artists can bring their skills together to make new experimental work.” organized by Nathan Jones and John O’Shea.  Here’s more info:

Coders and Poets – Join your forces!

What: Workshop at Mad Lab in Manchester

When: Thursday 28th July – 10am-5pm

The brief:
“A dynamic piece of writing which changes as you experience it, in response to data/linguistic information in the real world or online”

The day will run as follows:
10am – 12pm: Presenting solutions
1pm – 5pm: Developing new work / Play-time

This project is led by Nathan Jones and John O’Shea

Partners: +